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Sin Young  (Marie) is a New York-based Korean composer born in Bordeaux, France. She is passionate about collaborating with other forms of art and is interested in blending multicultural sounds in a single piece. Her unique musical voice draws equally from elements of the Pentatonic Scale, Korean Traditional Rhythms, Jazz, Minimalism, Aleatoric and expressionism from French arts.


Her interests in collaborating with other forms of art led her to work as the music director of a short animation film, which received an award from the Korea Animation Producers Association. She also wrote the music for the children’s musical “King Se-Jong is Angry,” which was chosen to celebrate the Korean Alphabet Day since 2014. Furthermore, she participated as a composer in a video game for which her team received 3rd prize in the XNA Game Contest.


Sin Young’s music has received numerous awards such as an honorable mention by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, reaching the semi-finals of the American Prize competition, the winner of Delta Omicron Triennial Composition Competition, and 1st prizes in the Mullen Sacred Composition Competition, Singapore Asian Composer Festival, Minimal Piano Series, National Flute Association's composition competition, and the Music Unites the World Songwriting Contest. Her piano piece "Du-Dream Prelude No. 3" was released in the CD "The Minimal Piano Series, Vol. 1," which can currently be played on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. Also, her music was performed at Delta Omicron’s Triennial Conference, Lutheran Church of Honolulu, Asbury Solomons, Blankenship Hall, Alumni Concert Hall, Kresge Hall, Morphy Hall, Stoughton Opera House, Mills Hall, Soldiers and Sailors’ Hall, Carnegie Music Hall, Se-jong Arts Hall, etc. 


Recently, her piece "One Day in November" was premiered at the National Flute Association's annual conference in Utah and performed at the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention in Washington DC. Her solo piano piece “ARI 2019” was commissioned by Pianist Chanmi Jean and performed in Tennessee and Kentucky in early 2020. Sin Young’s violin and cello piece “Mirror Lake” was selected by Ebb&Flow Arts’ Music From Around the World concert and premiered by the concertmaster of Hawaiian Symphony Orchestra, Ignace Jang and Associate Principal Sung Chan Chang in Honolulu, Hawaii. Furthermore, her most recent song “Come With Me” received its premiere in May 2020 via virtual choir of ETM-LA due to the cancellation of the Music Unites the World Festival because of COVID-19. 


Sin Young has studied with Laura Schwendinger, Richard Danielpour, Leonardo Balada, Nancy Galbraith, Les Thimmig, Eun-Hye Park, and Insik Lee. A graduate of Ewha Womans University (B.M.) and Carnegie Mellon University (M.M.), Sin Young completed her D.M.A. at University of Wisconsin-Madison where she was an active participant of Neume Music Ensemble. Sin Young is an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching at Drew University and Bloomfield College. She serves as a research fellow at Veritas Musicae and is a member of New Music Society.

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